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The Royal Society - Emergence of Life
Understanding how life emerged on Earth within 1 Gyr of its formation is both a fascinating scientific problem and a pre-requisite in predicting the presence of life elsewhere in the Universe.  In this special issue of Phil. Trans. B scientists from several disciplines discuss the origin of the biotic raw materials, and the conditions and processes involved in the genesis and early evolution of primitive life forms. Download Flyer.

Stars 'r' Us!
Stars 'r' Us! is a collaborative project between Heriot-Watt university (Prof. Martin McCoustra) and the universities of Strathclyde (Dr. Helen Fraser), OU (Prof. Nigel Mason), Nottingham (Dr. June McCombie), UCL (Dr. Wendy Brown and Dr. Serena Viti) and Dr. Robert Massey (Science and Policy Advisor at the Royal Astronomical Society, formerly of the National Maritime Museum, Royal Greenwich Observatory). Our exhibit illustrates the relationship between astronomy, molecular physics and chemistry, and how they are fusing to make a new interdisciplinary science - Astrochemistry.
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